How to Calculate Lottery Numbers Using the Five Elements

The concept of calculating lottery numbers based on the five elements is considered one of the most effective methods used by many players today. To accurately predict the winning numbers, players need to understand the yin and yang principles. In this article, we will share details about how to calculate lottery numbers using the five elements, provided by the trusted online casino brand, live777.

The concept of yin and yang in the five elements is crucial to understand in order to succeed in this method. The concept refers to the existence of various material elements in our world. The current five elements include Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.

According to the conventions of the five elements in lottery numbers, the numbers are divided into two categories: positive and negative numbers. Positive numbers include 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9, while negative numbers include 2, 4, 6, 8, and 0.

Based on the conventions of the five elements, each number corresponds to a specific element. For example, Water corresponds to 1, Metal corresponds to 2, Fire corresponds to 3, Earth corresponds to 4, and Wood corresponds to 5.

The elements of yin and yang always coexist and work together in our daily lives. As players may have noticed, the negative numbers are always higher than the positive numbers. Therefore, negative numbers come before positive numbers, forming the current rules of lottery number calculation.

To calculate lottery numbers based on the five elements and increase your chances of winning, there are different methods you can use. Here are some popular strategies:

  1. Calculation based on the Eight Trigrams: This method involves associating each number with specific trigrams. For example, the trigrams for 0 and 8 are “Càn,” 1 and 9 are “Đoài,” 2 is “Lụy,” 3 is “Chấn,” 4 is “Tốn,” 5 is “Khảm,” 6 is “Cấn,” and 7 is “Khôn.” By following the trigrams’ counterparts, you can predict the next day’s pairs of lottery numbers.

  2. Calculation based on the “Shadow” of the previous numbers: This method requires you to take the last two digits of the previous day’s special prize number. Then, you can determine the shadow numbers, both positive and negative. For example, if the previous special prize was 28, the shadow numbers to consider are 95 and 73. You can play these numbers for the next three days and place your bets accordingly.

  3. Calculation based on the “engendering” and “restraining” relationships: This method follows the rules of engendering and restraining relationships between the five elements. By comparing the previous day’s winning number with the engendering and restraining rules, you can choose the best pair of numbers for the next day’s lottery.

  4. Calculation based on the “shadow” of the previous winning number: In this method, you need to focus on the “shadow” of the previous winning number in the result. By understanding the specific rules of the shadow numbers, you can choose the best pair of numbers to bet on.

By applying these methods, you can identify the most suitable number pairs for the next day’s lottery and increase your chances of winning. It’s important to note that these strategies require knowledge and observation of previous results.

In conclusion, the methods mentioned above provide detailed instructions on how to calculate lottery numbers based on the five elements. We recommend that all players refer to these strategies to try their luck. If you’re interested in participating in online lottery betting with a reputable brand, please contact live777 for the most exciting experience.


  1. Are there any guarantees that these methods will work?
  • These methods are based on statistical observations and past results. While they can increase your chances of winning, there is no guarantee of winning the lottery.
  1. How often should I use these methods?
  • It’s up to you to decide how often you want to use these methods. Some players use them every day, while others use them periodically.
  1. Can I use these methods for other types of lottery games?
  • These methods can be applied to various lottery games that involve number prediction.
  1. Is there a maximum number of pairs I can choose?
  • There is no maximum limit to the number of pairs you can choose. However, it’s recommended to focus on a few pairs to increase your chances of winning.
  1. Are there any other strategies to win the lottery?
  • There are various strategies and methods for predicting lottery numbers. It’s essential to explore and find the ones that work best for you.