Chinese Landlord Card Game: Rules, Terms, and Winning Tips

Chinese Landlord Card Game is a familiar game in the current Vietnamese gambling market. The game has a simple gameplay, with each round being very short, making the intensity on each betting table more lively. That’s why the game quickly gained the attention of many gamblers. To gain more information about this game as well as effective strategies to conquer it, read the information in the article by

Terms in Chinese Landlord Card Game

Here are some terms that players need to remember when playing the game:

  • Joker: The highest-value card in the game, including the big joker and the small joker.
  • Bomb: Formed by 4 cards of the same value.
  • Full house: A term used to refer to 3 cards with the same number and a pair.
  • Flush: In Chinese Landlord Card Game, this is a consecutive series of numbers, for example, 56789.
  • Straight flush: A flush with consecutive numbers, for example, 34567.

All the cards in the Chinese Landlord Card Game are arranged in ascending order, from the big joker, small joker, 2, A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, to 3. If you want to block the cards of previous players, you must play cards with higher values.

Terms in Chinese Landlord Card Game

Rules of Chinese Landlord Card Game

In terms of rules, usually, there are 3 people allowed to participate in Chinese Landlord Card Game, divided into 1 landlord and 2 farmers. At this point, each player will have 17 cards in a traditional deck of 54 cards.

When distributing the cards to the players, there will be 3 remaining single cards to be dealt face-down. In reality, the dealer will randomly assign someone as the landlord. At this time, the 3 common cards are revealed for all to see and proceed to call the cards to place bets.

Specifically, the dealer chooses the first person to call the landlord, and you can choose to call 1 point, 2 points, 3 points, or not call. Depending on the strategy, you will have different ways of calling cards.

Chinese Landlord Card Game is played counterclockwise, so the player behind must call higher cards than the player in front. The player who calls for 3 points becomes the landlord. If no one calls for cards, the dealer will reshuffle the cards.

Rules of Chinese Landlord Card Game

Tips for Winning in Chinese Landlord Card Game

Many young players are interested in tips for playing Chinese Landlord Card Game. Now let’s find out about the experience and secrets to win this card game.

Keep a Stable State of Mind

When you have a stable state of mind that remains firm in the face of any situation, you can think rationally to place bets. Keep a clear mind and a warm heart to choose the most suitable playing strategy. Even if you win, don’t be arrogant, and if you lose, don’t be discouraged.

Tips for Winning in Chinese Landlord Card Game

Coordinate with Other Players

The more you coordinate with other players at the table, the more chances you have to win quickly. This tactic also helps minimize losses during the Chinese Landlord Card Game.

Remember the Cards Played

When you remember all the cards you have played, you will know which move to make next without any unexpected situations or risks.

Create Psychological Pressure on Opponents

Learn how to create pressure on opponents, making them uncertain and confused. Use psychological tactics and immediately take advantage of them to defeat your opponents in the Chinese Landlord Card Game. This playing style requires experience to know when to use psychological tactics to achieve extremely high efficiency.


The above is all the information about the Chinese Landlord Card Game that the GAME BÀI 3D section has compiled. The game has been developed from its early days in China and is now popular in many places worldwide, including Vietnam. Download this card game for rewards and experience the peak of excitement now.