A Guide to Playing Slot KungFu Panda: Rules, Special Symbols, and Winning Tips

Slot KungFu Panda is a popular slot game inspired by the famous animated film of the same name. Most of us have fond memories of this captivating animated film from our childhood. If you love and are interested in learning how to play this exciting KungFu slot game, then don’t miss out on the following article shared by live777.com.ph.

Basic Rules in Slot KungFu Panda

Here, we introduce some rules related to the gameplay of KungFu slot that few people know about.

Detailed gameplay rules:

  • Slot KungFu Panda has up to 234 ways to win.
  • The winning combination for players must follow the rules:
    • Start from the first reel and continue consecutively from left to right (except for Scatters).
    • Only reward the largest single win.

For example: A winning combination of 3 Snake symbols with a bonus multiplier of 10 coins and a multiplier of x10: (2 x 1 x 3) x 10 = 60 coins x (25 x 10) = 15,000 (value of 1 coin with a multiplier of x1 = 25).

Special Symbols in Slot KungFu

Some special symbols that you should also refer to in the game Slot Kungfu Panda at the live777 casino include:

  • Wild: This symbol with the image of KungFu is used to substitute for any other regular symbol to create valuable rewards.
  • Scatter: This symbol with the image of an ancient Chinese scroll is used to convert into multiple free spins. The more Scatter symbols appear on a payline, the larger the number of free spins you will receive.
  • Tai Chi Diagram: This symbol with a yellow circular shape and two black dots symmetrically represents the yin and yang theory used in Eastern culture and serves as a badge for practicing cultivation.
  • Bonus Game: Depending on the total number of coins, the value of the scatter and the symbol table changes accordingly. Corresponding to the Bonus percentage of 25%, 50%, and 100% accompanied by unlocking the coin pot.

Jackpot: If you have at least 15 Scatter symbols, you will win either the 8 to 18 or 38 to 88 bet. In which, the 8 to 18 bet corresponds to Orchid Lane, Ascendant Crane, and the 38 to 88 bet corresponds to the prize-winning coin pots of noble officials and tiger guards.

Special Bonuses in Slot KungFu Panda

If you have at least 6 Scatter symbols, there are 2 ways to play:

  • First, you will be awarded 8 free spins with Wilds.
  • Second, you will be awarded 6 free spins with Scatters, Wilds, and Tai Chi Diagrams.

Depending on the number of spins, it will result in a big battle or cultivation.

For the big battle gameplay, there will be no letter symbols or Wilds. In this case, the Wild symbol represents both Scatter, meaning that the total value of all Scatters outside will become a Wild symbol in this mode.

When the Wild symbol appears, it will accumulate the scrolls on top of it until it reaches 3 or more Wild symbols, in which case it will add an additional 3 spins. The Orchid Crane / Tiger Guard pots will reward according to each player’s bet amount.

In the cultivation gameplay of Slot KungFu Panda, only the scroll, Wild, and Tai Chi Diagram symbols are used, including:

  • The scroll is opened from the Scatter and remains the same value.
  • Wild represents the total of all scroll symbols.
  • The Tai Chi Diagram is the sum of all symbols on the Scroll, Wild, and Tai Chi Diagram machine.
  • Spin will add 1 free spin.

For more details, you can visit the Slot KungFu Panda page at live777.com.ph.

Tips for Winning Big in Slot KungFu Panda

When playing Slot KungFu, it’s not only important to understand the rules and game mechanics but also to learn from experienced players.

Here are some tips for playing Slot KungFu Panda:

  1. Stay focused: Always stay focused when participating in a gambling game. This helps you analyze and make the most appropriate betting decisions. Even in difficult situations, being focused helps you quickly turn the tide.

  2. Play reasonable bet levels: Slot KungFu Panda offers various bet levels. Therefore, choose the betting levels that are suitable for your budget. Avoid betting too much, as it can result in losing all your money. If you have a limited budget, play multiple lines to increase your chances of winning the jackpot. If you have a larger budget, place bets where you win.

  3. Don’t exit the game while playing: Keep your internet connection stable throughout the game. This way, you can avoid situations where you are about to win the jackpot but experience network issues and lose the opportunity.

  4. Upgrade the rewards: The higher the betting limit you choose, the more rewards and jackpot prizes you will receive. As long as you play, you are guaranteed to win rewards, and this is also the appealing point of the hot Slot Kungfu Panda game at live777.com.ph.


Slot KungFu Panda is a shared game from the SLOT GAME category on live777.com.ph. It is an attractive jackpot slot game with beautiful graphics and various features. Gambling enthusiasts can enjoy exciting experiences and have the chance to win big prizes. Join today to have fun and win big rewards.


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